Black Porcelain Matcha Bowl from Saikai Ceramics


Wabikuro 侘黒, the black of wabi, evokes the silence of the tea ceremony room broken by sounds of the tea ceremony. Created by Saikai Ceramics.



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Our black porcelain matcha bowl or Wabikuro 侘黒, the black of wabi, evokes the silence of the tea ceremony room broken by sounds of the tea ceremony.


Volume: 425 ml

Size: 11.5 cm diameter, 6.5 cm height

Ceramics Tradition: Hasamiyaki

Hasami ware (波佐見焼Hasami-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally from Hasami, Nagasaki prefecture. Originally produced for common people, Hasami porcelain has a history of 400 years. Typical Hasami porcelain uses underglaze cobalt blue and celadon, but at first they produced stonewares. Later the materials for porcelain were found, so gradually they started to make porcelain. They eventually became a specialty product in Omura Domain, where they produced the biggest quantity of porcelain in the country in the latter Edo period.

Material: Porcelain

Region: Hasami, Nagasaki


May be used with microwave

Do not use with dishwasher, nor oven.

As the piece ages, the glaze may crack and stain — a process called kannyu.

There may be slight variations in color and may not match the photo exactly.


Saikai Ceramics

Creating the essence of a rich life.

Saikai Ceramics is a leader in Japanese ceramics and porcelain manufacturing, specializing in the Hasamiyaki tradition of the Nagasaki Prefecture.


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