Happy Powder Popsicles

happy powder posicles

Happy Powder Popsicles

In honor of the summer, we’re sharing our favorite warm weather treat— our Happy Powder Popsicles! This healthy, refreshing, herb & mushroom-infused popsicle will not only cool you off, but also bring a smile to your face.

This recipe features our Happy | Fine Plant & Mushroom Powder, which contains herbs and mushrooms which encourage harmony, emotional steadiness, and a feeling of well-being. This blend is a bright combination of sweet, earthy, and floral, notes. Chamomile Flower and Passionflower give a delicate, sweet, and floral aroma, while Kava Kava Root, Lion’s Mane and Reishi Mushrooms give an earthy, slightly bitter and woodsy flavor. Lemon Balm Leaf gives Happy Fine Plant & Mushroom Powder a refreshingly bright citrus flavor that is truly delightful. This healthy treat is filled with all the bright flavors of summer!


happy powder popsiclesHappy Powder Popsicles

Makes 6 Popsicles




  1. Add kefir water, lemon juice, and Happy | Fine Plant & Mushroom Powder to a blender and mix.
  2. Add strawberries and blend again.
  3. Carefully pour the mixture into your popsicle mold (we love this one)
  4. Freeze for 4 hours or until hardened and enjoy!
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