Introducing… Fine Powdered Plant & Mushrooms

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Introducing… Fine Powdered Plant & Mushrooms

New year, new goals, and new ways to embark on the wonderful world of plant & mushrooms! After a year+ in the making we’re so excited to launch our Fine Powdered Plant & Mushroom blends! Each blend contains high quality, organic plants & mushrooms that are specifically chosen for their health benefits to support you in your specific wellness goals. Much like our herbal teas, our Plant & Mushroom Powders are designed with a specific function in mind such as Detox, Energy, Immune, Moon Cycle, Happy, and more!

But now they come in the most flexible, easy and fullest way to consume. Utilizing finely grounded plants & mushrooms you are able to mix our Fine Powdered Plant and Mushrooms in water for a traditional “matcha” style tea or boost up your coffee, milk, smoothies, or even cook into baked goods! Want more of a DIY approach? Make tinctures, capsules and other elixirs to become your own apothecary. The possibilities are endless!

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In addition to the healing benefits of our more traditional herbs, roots, flowers and berries that you have come to love in our standard teas, our Fine Powdered Plant and Mushrooms are supercharged with mushrooms such as Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail. Plus you are consuming the whole plant & mushroom material, giving yourself the full spectrum of their constituents.

A powerhouse of powders to help you find deeper rest, more relaxation, improved energy, more happiness, less pain and everything else to make this your best year and beyond!

Sleep Fine Plant & Mushroom Powder

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