It’s National Hot Tea Month!

Vana Tisanes pouring herbal tea in a cup

It’s National Hot Tea Month!

Did you know that tea is the world’s second most popular beverage?  There are almost 1,000 different tastes to choose from.  For hundreds of years, hot tea has affected the cuisine of various cultures and even the cultures themselves.

January is National Hot Tea Month and is best commemorated with a hot cup, whether you follow the English or Chinese brewing traditions, use a tea pot, strainer, french press or just brew a tea bag.  National Hot Tea Month reminds us that a lengthy bath, candles lighted, and cup after cup of hot tea are the finest ways to get through the terribly cold January days.  This month, do yourself a favor and drink as much tea as you like!

Have you ever pondered where tea originated and why someone decided to steep leaves in hot water for flavor?  According to tradition, a Chinese monarch sat under a tree in 2737 BC as his servant heated drinking water when some leaves drifted into it.  The emperor, who was a well-known herbalist, decided to sample the infusion that had been generated by chance.  He adored it, and that is how tea was born!



  • Sip some tea and share a photo of it on social media with the hashtags #NationalHotTeaMonth, #HotTeaMonth, or #TeaTime.
  • Enjoy a cup of steaming tea with those you care about. Tea is a terrific method for humans to interact because we are social beings and nothing says friendship like gathering your favorite people over a hot kettle and chatting.
  • Purchase a new tea that you have never tasted before. As we get older, our tastes vary, and so should your tea selection. Don’t be afraid to try something new!
  • Allow yourself a mental break. A cup of freshly made tea is a source of comfort in and of itself.  Perhaps you require a minute of reflection throughout the day, or a cup of tea in the evening to put your mind to rest.


Choosing your tea (preferably herbal!)

There are a plethora of tea tastes to pick from, especially from us!  If you’re in a good mood, try a lighter tea like Happy, or conclude the day with some Muscle Rest.  The best part is, there’s a tea for literally any and every time of day!

  • Early in the morning: Try Detox or Digest tea first thing in the morning to get your day started correctly.  They have a mild, character and kind on a stomach that has been fasting (as we do when we sleep).
  • Mid-morning: Switch to our Energy tea at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m.  This will assist to kickstart your metabolism and has a light, uplifting, pleasant flavor.
  • Every day, have a cup of tea with your lunch like Brain to keep things going for the 2nd half of your day and will also help any brain fog that comes after lunch.
  • Afternoon: Happy tea is a fantastic choice for afternoon because it will keep your mood lifted and send you right through the last part of your work day with a smile on your face.  We know smiles can sometimes get a little tougher in the final hours of the work day.
  • Evening: There are numerous excellent evening teas.  Creative if you plan to do any personal hobbies or work, Skin to counterbalance any time spent in the sun during the day, and of course Muscle Rest, Dream and Sleep to send you sailing into a restful end of your night.


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