DIY Dream Journaling

Dream Journaling

DIY Dream Journaling

Starting a dream journaling practice is as simple as keeping a pen and notebook next to your bed. Start by enjoying a hot mug of our Dream Herbal Tea before bed, which is specially formulated with herbs to enhance dreaming, reduce anxiety, and promote lucid dreaming or the unique state of the dreamer becoming aware that they are dreaming and with practice able to actively participate in manipulating their dreams.

Your dream journaling practice begins upon waking when write down your dream in the notebook you have prepared and kept next to your bed. The sooner upon waking that you begin to write, the better your dream recall. This writing practice doesn’t need to be an eloquent narrative, just start by jotting down bullet points, notes, or even doodles. Focus on any significant visuals, words, or feelings that stood out to you in your dream. Once you’ve completed writing down the key points of your dream you may choose to dive a bit deeper by taking some time to reflect on the meaning of your dream. Over time, you may begin to identify themes or patterns within your dreams. If you have a nightmare, it may be a healing practice to try re-writing the ending of the dream to be more empowering or positive.

Dream journaling can be a powerful tool of self-reflection and a means of tapping into an aspect of your own creativity.

Dream journaling using Dream Herbal Tea

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