Herbal Spotlight: Mugwort


Herbal Spotlight: Mugwort

Our newest tisane, Dream Herbal Tea, features the powerful dream-enhancing herb, Mugwort. The herb has been used for centuries to soothe anxiety, aid in sleep, and increase nighttime dreaming. The Latin name for Mugwort is artemisia, named for the Greek moon goddess, Artemis. Traditionally, the herb has been used to increase clarity of dreams, promote lucid dreaming and assist the dreamer in bringing understanding to their dreams which may help integrate dreams’ messages into waking life. Dreaming serves an important purpose to the human mind. It allows the subconscious mind to process the troubles and lessons of the day. Mugwort not only promotes dreaming, but may help the sleeper stay asleep longer with less disrupted sleep, increasing the likelihood of sleeping through the night.

Mugwort “takes you up a level” from your habitual dream state. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, Mugwort will help you recollect bits & pieces; if you have spotty recall, it will help you construct a more complete narrative thread. If you dream only in black & white, Mugwort may introduce colors. If you have solely visual dreams, this herb will help you to engage the other senses. If you already have good dream recall and rich texture to your dreams, you may begin to become aware of your dream state while dreaming, what is called lucid dreaming.


Dream Herbal Tea featuring mugwort

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