Herbs to Help You Sleep

a photo of dried herbs in jars: lavender, fennel, chamomile, and lemon balm

Herbs to Help You Sleep

It’s been a busy summer and we’re heading back to school, work, and everything in between. Adjusting to a new schedule can put incredible stress on your mind and body, and sometimes a good night’s rest feels like it’s harder and harder to naturally come by. While there are many ways to help your body and mind prepare for bedtime, sometimes a natural remedy (like some of our favorite herbs) can help you drift off to sleep.

Need some herbal inspiration to help you unwind into your evening? Here are four restorative herbs that you can incorporate into your bedtime routine:

Fennel: Perfect for after dinner, fennel is a carminative herb that can help with digestion. Our Digest Herbal Tea contains herbs like fennel, peppermint, and ginger to help warm up the digestive tract, reduce gas, and support the digestion process from start to finish (which is vital to our body’s energy production, hormone balance, physical and mental health).

Chamomile: Contains calming, mildly sedative properties that help you naturally drift off to sleep. To enjoy the earthy, mild notes of chamomile, we recommend our Sleep Herbal Tea.

Lemon Balm: Restorative to our nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and create peace of mind. As one of the most common relaxant herbs for the nervous system, we love to include ingredients like lemon balm in some of our most popular tisanes, like Nerves Herbal Tea.

Lavender: Helps you to fall asleep and can improve the overall quality of rest. Lavender is so versatile in its healing properties, we include it in several of our tisanes including; Calm Herbal Tea, Skin Herbal Tea, and Creative Herbal Tea.

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