DIY Recipe: Calming Moon Tea

DIY Recipe: Calming Moon Tea

We’re nearing the Autumnal Equinox, which marks the astronomical start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditionally, cultures celebrated the summer-grown bounty among friends and family to reconnect after a long, arduous harvest and to celebrate the start of ushering in a brand new season.

During the equinox, there’s a perfect balance between day and night and we believe this sacred time of year is an ideal time to find harmony and set your intentions for the upcoming season. This year, September’s full moon takes place right before the equinox — a time to manifest and set intentions, practice a moon ritual, and get back into tune with nature and the universe.

To celebrate, we created our own version of moon tea to sip and savor on the eve of the equinox. Moon tea is the night-time version of sun tea — a cold-infused tea steeped by the light and power of the full moon.

Making Your Moon Tea

What you’ll need:

Large glass container or mason jar

Reusable cotton tea bag

Nerves herbal tisane


  1. Fill your glass container with 32 oz. of water
  2. Fill the reusable cotton tea bag with our Nerves herbal blend
  3. During the evening, place your jar outdoors under the moon’s glow
  4. In the morning, put your tea in the refrigerator to keep it cool and fresh
  5. Sip on your moon tea while focusing on manifestation and setting intention through mindful activities like meditation or journaling. While we recommend saving some of the sacred tea for the equinox, feel free to enjoy your moon tea throughout the days leading up to the new season’s arrival.
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