Herbal Tea of the Month: Nerves

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Herbal Tea of the Month: Nerves

Meet Nerves, our herbal tea of the month.

With so much happening all around us right now, it’s not uncommon for mental health and well-being to take a temporary backseat. It’s always important to pay attention to what our minds and bodies are trying to tell us, and now more than ever, equally as important to take a minute to slow down, breathe and refocus.

We’ve been adding our herbal tisane of the month to our daily ritual to help center and create clarity and balance. Nerves contains herbs known as nervines, which nourish and support the central nervous system and can help ease common troubles like anxiety, stress, irritability and racing thoughts. Additionally, adaptogenic herbs help create a resiliency to long-term stress while calming herbs address in-the-moment instances of tension and anxiety.

We love this tea for a multitude of reasons, but a few powerful perennials help make this warming, floral blend so popular:

  • Lavender: Aids in treating insomnia, depression, pain relief and anxiety.
  • Skullcap: Helps to relieve anxiety and tension that’s directly attributed to stress. It supports overworked nerves due to mental and physical exhaustion, alleviates muscular tension, and promotes more normal sleep patterns.
  • St. John’s Wort: Naturally reduces symptoms of depressions and can help treat insomnia.


Nerves promotes mental clarity and improves concentration and is an excellent accompaniment to some of our favorite mindful activities like meditation, journaling, or setting the day’s intentions.

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