Herbal Tea of the Month: Mouth Blend

loose leaf herbal tea in bags with a bowl full of loose leaf tea

Herbal Tea of the Month: Mouth Blend

In honor of goldenseal, our perennial herb of the month, we wanted to highlight one of the most important (and often overlooked) parts of the body — our mouth.

The mouth is the entrance to the digestive system, one of our most important physical structures. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy can truly set the precedent for strong, overall physical health and well-being.

Our Mouth herbal tisane works in many ways to support the entire function of the mouth. We hand-picked each ingredient to offer antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral herbs to clean and sanitize the mouth. Combined with herbs like cinnamon (known for its anti-inflammatory properties), peppermint leaf (great to freshen breath), and turmeric (which fights plaque), goldenseal is high in alkaloids and can help with pain relief and antiseptic properties.

Immune-stimulating herbs help combat infection and strengthen each component of your mouth: the gums to fight plaque build-up and gingivitis, and tissue to soothe any oral sores or pain.

The purpose of Mouth herbal tea? Clean, defend, relieve, heal.

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