Mother’s Day Bundles

Mother’s Day Bundles

For this year’s mother’s day, we want to make sure you have the perfect gift, for the perfect mom. Let us help you craft the perfect gift with our special Mother’s Day Bundles.

Bundle up and receive up to 20% off. Ends on Saturday, May 1st.

Classic Mom Bundle — For the classic mom we all know and love. Easy going, enjoys the simple pleasures and just wants to enjoy life with a cup of herbal tea. 3 of our most favorite blends available in 1 bundle to give your perfect mom the perfect combination of Calm, Happy & Sleep.

New Mom Bundle — The early days of Motherhood can be exhausting, challenging, awe-inspiring, and the most beautiful time of the parent and child’s life. We have chosen 3 teas to hopefully balance these days out focusing on some classically challenged areas during this time. Energy, Happy & Skin.

Aging Gracefully Bundle — For our more experienced Moms who want to keep at their most optimal at any age. 5 herbal blends chosen for a long, balanced and active life. Adapt, Immune, Libido, Longevity and Menopause.

Mom Who Knows What She Likes Bundle — For the mom who knows what she likes and needs no help in deciding. Choose any 5+ herbal blends in any size.

Self-Care Mom Bundle — For the giving and dedicated mom that needs a little more self-care in their life. 5 chosen herbal teas to bring peace, rejuvenation and rest to the hard working and always giving moms in our lives.

Mother’s Day Bundles


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