Shop small with us today, for small business saturday!

Shop small with us today, for small business saturday!

There is no better way to support small businesses during this challenging holiday season than by simply choosing to shop small businesses like us, over the big guys.

And today is the biggest of small business shopping days! It’s small business Saturday!

Doing it from the comfort of your own home has never been easier with

Free shipping on all orders


10% off if you spend $0-50
15% off if you spend $51-100
25% off if you spend $101+

Not sure where to start? Try our Enhancement Bundles!

We have specially chosen blends that can be used for one common goal, life enhancement or aspect of your daily life and bundled them together, in any size you would like at a special bundle price.

Drink any of the tisanes that come in a bundle on their own giving yourself options each day on which one’s to enjoy, while still focusing on your enhancement goal. Or even better, you can mix the tisanes together into Super Blends for new experiences of flavor and enhancement!

All Enhancement Bundles are 15% off standard pricing.

Hope to have you join us for our biggest promotion of the year, while shopping small!

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