Adapt and Appetite blends for a summer time ice tea

Adapt and Appetite blends for a summer time ice tea

Lately, with being at home all the time, it’s easy to become more lax when it comes to the food we put into our mouth, especially when no one’s watching.

We munch for many reasons, like out of mere boredom, or stress from work/life/finances, but over time if we keep eating as a way to cope with our emotions, neurons that fire together, wire together, and unhealthy habits are formed which can lead to a whole domino of other problems.

Instead of letting our habits run wild, we try to keep hydrated here as much as possible especially during these Summer months, to not only curb habitual snacking, but to help keep our brains and bodies functioning optimally and calm.

One of our favorite blends that we keep steeped and refrigerated at all times, is our Adapt and Appetite blends. Adapt is meant to enhance the ability to manage our stress/fatigue, while Appetite helps reduce those sugary/processed food cravings.

It’s such a refreshing drink, with no sugar and no caffeine, and a perfect treat under the afternoon sun.

Just add 1 Tablespoon of Adapt, and 1 Tablespoon of Appetite, in 60 ounces of filtered water. We like to boil the (filtered) water first, then add it to the herbs (to extract as much of the herbs as possible,) let it come to room temp, and keep in the fridge for the days ahead. It is so easy and a great habit to form!

Stay hydrated this Summer tea/tisane loving friends! ☀️?



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