Hydrate with Herbal Tea

hydrate with herbal tea

Hydrate with Herbal Tea

Not everyone enjoys drinking water, especially when the suggested daily intake is significant. Staying hydrated is important and necessary for your well-being and overall health. Try the easy and delicious way to hydrate with herbal tea!

Luckily, drinking tea provides just as much hydration as water. Studies show that when you drink herbal tea, you can actually be healthier for you since it’s packed with flavonoids and antioxidants, or plant compounds associated with the healthy function of the body. In fact, this same study suggests that regular tea consumption boosts cardiovascular health, oral health, and cognitive health and can even support weight management.

It’s important to stay hydrated. It helps your hair, skin, mood, level of alertness, and just about every bodily function—inside and out. The human body is made of roughly 70% water!

Bonus: drinking caffeine-free herbal tea cuts down on the potential negative aspects of caffeine, so it’s purely hydration plus added the health properties of the herbs, berries, barks, flowers, and mushrooms in your favorite tisanes. Not only can you effectively hydrate with herbal tea, but we think it tastes way better than just water on its own. A few of our favorite hydrating tisanes are Calm Herbal Tea, Brain Herbal Tea, and Breathe Herbal Tea!

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