Hydrate with Herbal Tea

Hydrate with Herbal Tea

Not everyone likes to drink water, especially at the rate and volume it’s suggested you do so. The importance of staying hydrated, whether you care much about it or not, is a necessity for your well-being, so we all really need to find a way to get the life sustaining liquid into our body.

Luckily, for those who are water-resistant usually because you think it’s boring, you can drink tea instead of water and still receive the same hydration! Even more, there are studies that have been done that say drinking tea for hydration can actually be healthier for you, since you are not only getting the water that you use to steep the plants, but also the antioxidants and other beneficial properties of the plants that you are brewing.

Bonus, if you drink herbal tea without caffeine you aren’t getting any of the potential negative aspects of caffeine that may hit a person, so its pure hydration and health properties. Plus it tastes way better than just water on its own. We like to consider herbal tea the best of all hydrating liquids but hey… we might be biased.

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