Happy National Herb Day

Happy National Herb Day

Happy National Herb Day! To celebrate, we’re providing buy 1 get 1 free. Today only!

Created and organized by the HerbDay Coalition, an organization of five non-profit groups, the holiday encourages people to learn more about herbs and use them more extensively in their daily lives.

The holiday, which first began in 2006 in the United States and celebrated every year on the first Saturday in May, brings together herbalists, gardeners, manufacturers of herbal products, cooks and the general public to celebrate herbs use in food, beverages, medicine, beauty products, and crafts, along with the art of growing and gardening with herbs.

So for today on our website, buy any amount of our herbal blends and we’ll put twice the amount in your pouch. Includes any of our blends and any size.

Buy 1 oz, you get 2 oz.
Buy 2 oz, you get 4 oz.
Buy 4 oz, you’ll get 8 oz.

We want you to embrace the power of herbs today!

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