Working from home? Or just working on yourself while at home?

Working from home? Or just working on yourself while at home?

Sometimes home can be the hardest place to focus and to feel motivated, especially with the uncertainty of current times. Yet, keeping motivated, energized and focus during our new work at home lifestyle can be so beneficial to us right now. It can help us be more optimistic, keep us producing successful projects allowing us to be proud of ourselves, keep our minds off the hour by hour news, as well as allow us to feel as good as we can about the day we had, when we get into bed at night. To feel optimistic about the new future we will all have together. Staying motivated, focused and on top of your lifestyle is one of the best ways to stave off depression, fear, and anxiety about our current times. Even if you are not working from home, now is the time to work on yourself and improve for the future.

We have been enjoying a blending of our Energy and Brain tisanes lately to help us do just that. The Energy helps jump start our mornings after maybe a little too much time in bed and keeps both our mind and body motivated for the entire day. And then combined with Brain, we are able to keep our brain flow going strong the entire day, allowing us to stay focused, clear headed and especially calm when we’re working on our projects for the day. This is an earthy and savory flavor combo, with a very gentle sweetness that is perfect in the morning for breakfast.

We hope everyone can find what motivates them to get up everyday and keep at it. We have to remember this is only temporary as everything is, and what we do now for ourselves, our family, our friends and our colleagues will make the difference when we come out of this tunnel. We hope we can help you get through that tunnel a little easier.




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