Sage is a common household culinary herb used throughout many cultures across the globe. It has also been a common herb used in many ancient herbalism practices. Scientifically known as Salvia officinalis, sage is closely related to rosemary; they are often considered “sister herbs.” Sage is an evergreen shrub with woody stems and blue-purple flowers found in the Mediterranean region. The oldest known records of the healing properties of sage take us back more than 4000 years. Ancient Egyptians mostly used it as a remedy for infertility while the Romans considered it to be holy plant and before picking it they would perform a certain ceremony. They used a special knife that was not made of iron not to react with sage. The collectors were to be put in clean clothes and have clean feet, and before they start they needed to offer the sacrifice in food.

Today Sage can offer us many benefits that include:

Soothing our nervous system
Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that ease mouth irritations, sore throats and allergy related discomfort throughout the nasal passage and throat
Rich in antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing oxidative stress
Eases symptoms of menopause
Relieves indigestion
Improves Memory
So many great benefits from this very common yet beautiful plant.

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