2020 // Time to honor your body

2020 // Time to honor your body

In honor of the New Year, many of you may have set the intention for better health, which often means an implementation of a well balanced diet.

We know there’s a lot of information out there on what you should or shouldn’t consume, but we’ll let you discern that information for yourself. What we will encourage you to do though this year, is to pay attention to how you interact with your food. We believe it’s imperative to notice our behaviors and objectively observe our relationship with food (not judge them.) We all know, changing our diet is far from an easy task, but if we can focus on our actions with food at certain times, especially when we are hungry, or satieted, or anxious, or stressed, or even when we are bored for that matter, is there room to take a moment of pause and just feel before we start eating?

By becoming more mindful of our bodies, and the role certain kinds of foods play in our lifestyle, perhaps we can become more attune to how we feel, before, during, and after our meals. Perhaps we can even create more room to see how certain foods make us feel whether that may be more energized, tired, bloated, inflamed, or even ill.

Since all of us here at vana tisanes are very passionate about making positive changes to our relationship with food, we’ve created an herbal blend to support you in your health goals. Our Appetite blend uses herbs that curb cravings, aids in digestion, and promotes fat break down to be used for energy. We’ve also added satisfying herbs for your tastebuds to help the cravings for sweets and prevents habitual snacking without the added calories. Appetite will help you stay focused, energized, and content between meals.

Next time, you’re finding yourself turning to food when you’re NOT hungry, slow down, and drink a warm cup of Appetite.

We wish you all a new year of well balanced health! Here’s to 2020! ***Disclaimer: This herbal blend is not intented to be a meal replacement.***

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