It’s a DIY Vana Tisanes Herbal Face Mask!

It’s a DIY Vana Tisanes Herbal Face Mask!

As you know, we love getting creative with our herbal blends that goes beyond just drinking them! By incorporating skin enhancing herbs to your skin care routine, you have an easy and affordable, natural alternative, compared to the expensive, synthetic skin care products out there. Below is how to make your own herbal face mask using just three natural ingredients:

1. Bentonite Clay – you can find this at your local natural food store
2. Skin Tisanes from Vana Tisanes – click link in bio or find where our teas are offered near you
3. Filtered water

1. Brew one cup of Skin tisane using 1 cup water / 1 Tbsp loose leaf
2. Add 1.5 Tbsp of clay to a small bowl
3. Gradually add 1 Tbsp freshly brewed Skin tisanes (*Note – use tea that has had time to cool down)
4. Stir well, and start to notice it turning into a thick paste
5. Apply an even layer around entire face
6. Let sit for 10 min, during this time, you can sip the rest of your brewed tea and allow your skin to cleanse and revitalize from the inside-out, and the outside-in!
7. Once your mask has dried, wash off with warm water
8. Pat dry with towel and end with your favorite toner and moisturizer
Cheers to bright & beautiful skin!

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