blood punch a festive recipe

blood punch a festive recipe

Halloween is a fun time to get spooky and silly with your kids, friends, or family. One way you can celebrate this season and holiday is with an organic herbal tea punch! And we of course had to choose our Blood herbal tisanes for this recipe! Beyond the spooky blend name, Blood is full beneficial herbs that eliminate toxins and heavy metals from your blood. It’s rich in iron, vitamin-C, and antioxidants which are great at enriching the blood, increasing red blood cell production as well as protecting and strengthening the entire circulatory system. This herbal tea infused punch will not only be extremely tasty but also very nurturing for your body as well.

Here is how to celebrate and make your own:

Ingredients –
½ gallon of apple cider
4 cups of (pre-brewed) Blood tisane
2 (12oz) bottles of organic ginger ale
2 apples sliced
2 oranges sliced into triangles
7 cinnamon sticks

Directions –
Decide if you prefer hot or cold. If you want cold, start with 6 cups of ice in a large bowl.
Pour in apple cider, (pre-steeped) Blood tisanes, and ginger ale.
Add apples, oranges, and cinnamon sticks. Stir to combine.
Serve in glasses rimmed with cinnamon sugar and enjoy!
*If you prefer hot, (as we’ve pictured and enjoyed here), you can combine everything in a pot over the stove, Blood herbs can even go into a reuseable cotton tea bag or any type of infuser and steeped all at once. The longer you steep, the more potent the flavors, so taste test along the way! Then, pour into mugs, sprinkle cinnamon, and enjoy!

Let’s get that blood pumping for a frightening night of fun! Click link in bio to get your Blood Blend today before Halloween approaches!

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