vana tisanes morning ritual

vana tisanes morning ritual

Mornings are a sacred time where we get to decide how we want to live in this moment and establish how we want to carry out the rest of our day. It is a new beginning to create, manifest, and nurture.

Many of us have our own rituals and while those current routines may be set, there may be additional simple morning rituals you can do to further optimize your day:

Upon rising before you get out of bed and scroll through your phone, bring awareness to the breath and body. Notice how you feel in this moment, and breathe gently into the entire body cavity. While in this mindful state bring your hands to your heart and think of your intention for the day.

Move out of bed with ease, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue and use the restroom to release. Then, make a warm pot of nurturing tisanes. Caffeine in coffee, black and green tea can be overpowering as your first drink of the day, so instead start with our Brain or Adapt Tisanes. Adapt will help bring you a natural state of calm, while Brain, will allow you to focus. Both tisanes will assist in hydrating you first thing and will flush out any toxins that were stagnant while you slept.

After making your cup, move through a yoga flow, a dance, chi gong or any movement that makes your body feel refreshed. After, come into a comfortable seated position and witness a state of stillness as you meditate on the breath or mantra for 5-30min.

Nurture your body with a wholesome breakfast or continue to fast. Or you can drink more tisanes or have your first cup of caffeine (coffee, black/green tea, or our Energy blend) and end your ritual by cultivating gratitude.

When we rise gently, are intentional, and move and meditate in the morning, we create a synergy within the body and mind. With the addition of hydrating and nourshing warm tisanes, you will be able to sustain your energy, focus and calmness throughout all your days ahead!

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