recharge with libido tisane

recharge with libido tisane

In any long term relationship, going through challenging changes together can put a lot of stress on the dynamic of a relationship. After you get a good handle on the communication, financial and emotional support, usually the part that suffers next is our sexual activity with one another.

Brush it aside or not, but having a healthy sex life with our partners is very important to regularly maintain. It allows for release of any pent up tension and helps in the integral intimacy and excitement of a strong partnership even though it’s fairly easy to neglect and put on the back burner because of the many other responsibilities we all take on in life.

Without any shame, if you know you could use a little boost in this department, next time you and your partner have the free time (and some of us will need to intentionally carve out this time) set the mood with our Libido herbal tea. Hire the babysitter, get music going, create some space and just take a moment to simply drink tea and check in with one another. As the body heats up, herbs like horny goat weed and muira puama will bring blood into the pelvic area, which will help stimulate your arousal. Add in a coconut oil massage, and encourage each other to take the time, as herbs like damiana and ashwagandha keep you calmly alert and present in the physical build up, stamina and release.

It’s not until you fully orgasm and feel the after effects of a really good sex session are you reminded of the health benefits of sex for your mind and body. Try not to let this part of your health and wellness overwhelm you or simply die out, instead make some room for connection and pleasure with a little bit of tea, and see where the sensations take you and your partner.

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