steeping tips and tricks

steeping tips and tricks

How to create the perfect cup of Vana Tisanes herbal tea:

1. Choose your desired blend and add 1 tsp of loose leaf to every 8 oz of water (use more water if you prefer it to last longer and less stronger in flavor)
2. Using clean water, boil your water to 212°F for all herbal teas
3. Allow herbs to steep 7-10 minutes.
4. Remove herbs, add your favorite sweetener and enjoy!

Extra Tea Tips:

If you have added too much loose leaf to your tea where it tastes too bitter/strong, you can always add more hot water to balance the ratio out.

Note, different infusions have different steeping times. Notice how herbal tisanes can be brewed longer than tea. To enjoy every infusion in their true essence, follow this steeping guide:

White Tea (2-3min)
Green Tea (2-4min)
Black Tea (3-5min)
Oolong Tea (5-7min)
Herbal Tea (7-10min)

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