the benefits of buying in bulk

A bag of Calm, our herbal tea blend of the month

the benefits of buying in bulk

Have you ever thought of buying your favorite tea blend in bulk?

With Vana Tisanes herbal tea blends, you have the option to buy our 4 ounce package which allows the ability to save on cost, create less waste, and enjoy more tea for an extended length of time! Buying in bulk is a great opportunity to create balance not only in your pocket, but in your kitchen, and in the world as well by creating less waste of utilizing one bag instead of four. This also means making less runs to the store and minimizing packaging spent on shipping your online orders. In addition to enjoying more tea, and saving your hard earned dollars, it’s hard to argue the win-win experience when buying bulk. Next time you order a Vana Tisanes blend, try the 4 ounce package and discover an improved way of consuming your favorite tisane blends!

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