how do you consume your herbs?

how do you consume your herbs?

Herbs can be taken in many different forms, from tisanes, capsules, and powders, each variety has the ability to enhance your health.

Tisanes are easily accessible and provide you with the ability to drink them throughout the day without harming your body. (Unless of course you are taking contraindicating prescriptions or are pregnant.) But when drinking tea, the herbs are absorbed more efficiently and quicker than if you were to take a supplement, allowing you to feel the effects even in the midst of sipping your herbal concoction. Overall drinking tea is an easy and safe way to consume your herbs.

Capsules are another great way to consume herbs. Although, if taking more than recommended, it could potentially be harmful to your body. Herbal supplements are very concentrated, and can be difficult for your body to properly absorb, so it’s really important to use with purpose and proper dosage to support you in healing a certain ailment or your overall health.

Herbs in all their forms and uses can be beneficial for us all. But intention and mindful consumption are key to receiving the benefits you desire.

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