The Art of Pouring Tea

the art of pouring tea

The Art of Pouring Tea

The ancient practice and art of pouring tea is not only a beautiful sight, but is also a greatly important step to preparing your tea. When brewing your tea the excess of dissolved oxygen in boiling water can hinder the release of some of the anti-oxidizing agents. Therefore, we recommend pouring your tisanes from a higher point next time. Not only does the practice of pouring your tea (perhaps from your favorite teapot) from this higher level require more patience, mindfulness, and practice, but it is also quite beautiful. The artful pouring of your favorite tisanes can be an act of self-care or loving gesture as you pour this nourishing, warm beverage for a loved one.

The reason why you pour tea from a high altitude is because it allows oxidation to occur. The oxidation process will breakdown fats, proteins, and pigments into new aromas and flavor compounds. Thus, when you pour your tisane from a greater height, it’s flavor and aroma is likewise heightened, which makes your cup of tea taste even better. This process brings out all the beautiful properties of your tea creating a profound tea time experience. The art of pouring tea is both beautiful and makes for a delicious cup.

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