The perfect cup

The perfect cup

Brewing your tisanes to get the perfect flavor and potency you’re looking for all comes down to amount and timing.

The beauty of loose leaf is that you can play with the amount of herbs you use per cup of water, by choosing different measuring spoons.  Try using 1 tsp, then 2 tsps, then 1 tbsp, then even more if you want! By choosing a certain amount using a measuring spoon, and combining it with changes in your steeping time, you can make the perfect cup that suits you.

Herbs need a good amount of time to be steeped in order to pull the oils out through their thicker outer layers, so at least start with 7 minutes for all blends.  Then you can go from there on how long you want to brew it for, depending on the amount of herbs you put in and your flavor preference.

An advantage of letting it steep longer, is that not only will you pull out more oils and increase the health benefits that comes with herbs, but you are able to use less qty of herbs at a time.  Say you start with 1 tsp, you can let that brew for 10-15 minutes and will get the same amount of flavor and potency as if you used 1 tbsp but brewed for 5 minutes. Thus allowing you to use your herbs more efficiently and economically.

So play around with your amount of herbs and the amount of time you steep them in hot water to find the optimal combination for you!  And don’t forget you can re-steep them in more hot water at least 2 more times and get a whole different flavor!

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