unwind with nerve

unwind with nerve

It’s been a crazy halloween weekend for most of us, celebrating all the festivities that this fun holiday brings! And now that Monday morning is here, maybe it’s time to mellow things out, reduce any anxiety/thoughts of our upcoming week ahead, and stay present with our bodies.

As most of us know, a lot of our stress stems from the heightened state of our central nervous system. So when we can target and calm this area in our bodies, our whole self can start to relax, and enjoy the moments of what this week brings!

And a great way to target our nervous system is to drink a hot cup of of our Nerve  tisane.

Nerves contains some of the most common relaxant herbs for the nervous system. In cases of stress and tension, herbal relaxants are able to promote relaxation and well-being. The herbs in this blend contain antispasmodic properties that relieve muscle tension as well as anti-anxiety abilities that encourage proper electrical activity and functioning in the brain. Nerves provides enhancement that not only boosts the whole nervous system but also the areas of the body that are already negatively affecting the nervous system the most.

What better way to start Mondays, than by taking the time to nourish our bodies and mind and staying relaxed and present enough to enjoy the moments of what this week brings.

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