moon cycle blessings

moon cycle blessings

The recent Full Moon brought us to the peak of its cycle this month, reflecting the light on your own internal Moon Cycle.

Traditionally, the keepers of herbal knowledge have always been women, so it’s natural to think women have probably been taking herbs to relieve menstrual disorders since humans first nibbled on leaves. Menstruation discomfort can surface in a number of ways such as cramps, bloating, fatigue, and mood fluctuations so we’ve blended a variety of herbs that we put in our “Moon Cycle” tisane to help alleviate and regulate the most common of these symptoms.

We include diuretic herbs to help find release in fluid retention and the feeling of bloating. Antispasmodics herbs are invaluable for repressing painful menstrual cramps as well dilate blood vessels to relax muscles. Stabilizing herbs are great for regulating the menstruation cycle, by balancing the flow of menstruation and hormone levels. And lastly, the all-important calming herbs for balancing your mood.

If you happen to be feeling the discomforts of your menstrual cycle this month, try a cup of our “Moon Cycle” tisane to keep things flowing in your own internal clock.

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