boost your mood with a tisanes fusion

boost your mood with a tisanes fusion

Has the end of the week been pushing you and causing you stress?

Try a combo blend of our Adapt and Happy tisanes to keep the energy levels strong and the mood uplifted yet still relaxed.

We here at Vana Tisanes combine most of our blends with our Adapt blend, because it offers so much to our everyday. Our Adapt blend contains herbs with high amounts of antioxidants, antinflammatory compounds and phytonutrients. They work together to counteract the effects of stress within the body.

We all know stress is REAL, meaning, it causes real physical changes within the body, including harming and causing imbalance in the the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems.

So when we take these herbs they offer us not only natural neuroprotective elements, but also provide anti-fatigue properties, antidepressive effects, and stimulates our central nervous system.

Why pop a pill next time you are stressed/depressed, when you can just drink a cup of amazing herbs that can naturally enhance every part of your everyday!

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