The art of brewing tea.

The art of brewing tea.

Finding your right flavor potency is half the work in making tisanes or any other tea taste their most optimal.  We recommend starting with all of our blends using ½ tbsp for your mug of tea, around 8 oz of water. Then let it steep in boiling hot water (212 degrees) for 7 minutes.  From here, it’s up to you!

Try it and see if the flavor is where you like it.  You can then let it steep longer, or next time add more herbs, or any combination of the two.  For some blends, you may want 1 tbsp, steeped for 10 minutes. For some blends, you may want ½ tbsp steeped for 20 minutes.  Some you may want 2 tbsp steeped for 7 minutes… choices are up to you!

Don’t forget, once you finish your first cup you can pour more hot water over the same herbs, infusing it up to 3 times.  Each infusion will provide a different flavor profile, as less oils are extracted. A good general rule, is the more roots, berries and other “hard” herbs you have in your blend the longer you want to steep it, to make sure the hot water can penetrate to release the oils.

The vast range of tea brewing allows a wonderful experimentation of flavor, suited just for you!

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