Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags

Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags

What’s the difference between Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags? All of our tisane blends are loose leaf and use full plants that are dried, chopped and shifted so that only the highest quality of the plant is used for your hot water infusions.

In order to draw out the full flavor, aromas and beneficial properties, the herbs need to breathe, move around and let the water open them up. Dust or “fannings” are used in the vast majority of tea bags. Traditionally these are the rejects of the manufacturing process in making high-quality herbs and leaf tea. Standard tea bag material is often low-flow, preventing the brew from diffusing beyond the inside of the bag. Ever notice the dunking, swirling, and squeezing required to brew traditional bags?

Tea bags are designed to specifically release all of their flavor on the 1st-steep with the intention of you using more than you really need to. With loose leaf, 1 serving can provide up to 3 re-steepings. You’re able to receive less bitter of a brew, thus allowing it to steep longer pulling out as many flavors and health properties as it can.

Loose leaf stays fresh longer. Generally loose leaf is stored in an air-tight container when you purchase it, to maximize freshness. If stored properly, herbal blends can keep for at least a year. Tea bags often bagged in bleached paper material that can add chemicals and off flavors to your brewed cup, as well as actual plastic with the “silk” style of bags.

Lower cost. Loose leaf doesn’t have the extra packaging or processing that bagged tea does, so you’re able to get a higher quality plant for a lower cost. Combine this with its ability to re-steep and stay fresh longer, your loose leaf will save even more money.

One of our favorites is that it is less waste. No tea bags = less materials thrown away = better for everyone = more sustainable!

We admit that the main benefit of tea bags is the convenience but using the right tools, loose leaf can be even more convenient. Using our Stainless Steel Tea Infuser, Reusable Cotton Tea Bag, or one of our beautiful teapots at home are easy options for reducing waste and enjoying your favorite tisanes at their fullest potential.

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