yellow and mellow

yellow and mellow

One of the oldest herbal remedies in history grows freely everywhere. Chamomile is an undemanding plant that grows in fields and landfills, on fallow land, and along roadsides, embankments, and field boundaries.

Chamomile is best known for its apple-like fragrance and flavor, qualities which surprise the uninitiated, for none of the chamomiles have any visual resemblance to an apple or apple tree. The name, chamomile is actually derived from the Greek “kamai” meaning “on the ground” and melon (apple) for ground apple.
Used mainly as a nerve tonic helping to relax the entire body, it works amazing as a sleep aid, an appetite stimulant, helps nausea, and a digestion aid. It also is wonderful for the bladder, asthma, headaches, muscle cramps, inflammation and to regulate monthly periods and relieve menstrual cramps. Anything really you want to calm down and be easier, Chamomile can help.

We find it so beneficial, we use it in 8 of our herbal blends.

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