introducing kidney

introducing kidney

Going down the body, for our 3rd herbal blend release, to the filtration system of the body, the Kidneys.

Our concentration here is to keep things flowing, help detoxify the flow and to rid the body of kidney stones that will inhibit this flow. We like to look at it like a river, and we want a smooth river flowing with little stoppage. Filled with diuretic herbs that will keep things filtering by promoting waste elimination, flush the entire kidney tract, reduces the buildup of toxins and just generally increases urine output. This promotion of flow will also naturally help flush out kidney stones. For those kidney stones that stick around, we have included herbs that act as a solvent to dissolve the jagged edges of these stones. To keep the kidney calm and #happy, this blend provides properties that calm inflammation and tighten the tissue membranes, while providing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that fight against infections from harmful organisms.

This is a perfect Fall style flavor with an earthy and grassy flavor that leaves a slightly sweet taste as you swallow.

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