Introducing Breathe

Introducing Breathe

Happy Tuesday! Let’s all inhale and then exhale together as we head deep into the week, with our 2nd New herbal blend, Breathe.

Breathe is a blend that focuses on the entire breathing passageway to clear, heal and then protect the system. Filled with expectorant herbs that can ease cough, clear congestion and soothe irritated mucous membranes through the entire passageway. Natural decongestants, histamine reducers and relaxants have a positive soothing effects on the entire respiratory tract, tracheal muscles and nasal passage airflow. Additional protective layers of support are provided to the immune system for any weakened areas of the pathway as well as compounds that block the free radical cells that produce inflammation that tightens the airways. These compounds also have #antibacterial and antiviral effects to them as well, which helps fight off viral and bacterial strains in the body that can lead to respiratory infections.

This blend offers a complex and strong flavor, that leaves a fresh and minty taste in your mouth. Will be wonderful during winter time.

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