Organic herbal leaves, roots, flowers and berries hand blended together in small batch tisanes to enhance your natural abilities.


Whether you are an herbal tea connoisseur or completely new to loose leaf tea, we have 30+ blends for you to choose from and enjoy. Look around and explore!

Our Body Tisanes

Sometimes called Magia naturale or Natural magic, herbal healing for the body roots back to ancient times when healers, herbalists, and even magicians, associated the properties of herbs with parts of the human body. Certain herbs and plants are proven to have medicinal properties that can help to naturally enhance and restore the body to its optimal state of balance and functionality. These tisanes are not meant to fix serious health concerns, but if paired with a healthy lifestyle, they can provide amazing benefits.

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Our Mind Tisanes

Herbs have long been used to help promote healthy memory, neurological function and mood stabilization. Finding the right balance of nutrients, enhancement properties and overall stress management is important for protecting and promoting healthy mind function. Our Mind tisanes not only enhance the brain and the systems that support it, but also help to balance mood and stress levels so that the mind, not just the brain, may function at its most optimal state.

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Our Most Popular Herbal Tisane Blends

We handcraft our tisanes in small batches, using organic ingredients and always with our consumers quality of life in mind.

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We believe the sources that grow directly from the ground carry a sacred power that can enhance and sustain our well being.


Only using organic roots, leaves, flowers and berries from around the world.

Hand Blended

Hand blended in small batches to ensure the highest quality for every sip.

Full Leaf

Using only full leaf plants to ensure maximum flavor and health properties. No fillers or powders, just beautiful plants.

How to enjoy our tisanes to the fullest


1. Boil water to a temperature of 212 F (a rolling boil is great)


2. Measure between ½ to 1 tbsp of herbs per cup of water (experiment to find your preferred amount)


3. Put herbs into an infusion tea pot, french press, stainless steel infusion ball (never use aluminum) or a reusable tea bag. If you don’t have any of these options, we offer a 1 ounce option of all of our blends that come with a USA handmade organic cotton tea bag.


4. Pour hot water over herbs and let them release their oils for 7-10 minutes, depending on your strength preference. For blends that have more roots, we recommend closer to 10 minutes.


5. Pour and drink. All blends may be infused up to 3 times.


Avoiding just five storage conditions will make a huge difference in the shelf life of your herbs. These factors are light, heat, moisture, odor and air.


1. Light

We suggest keeping your herbs in the original packaging, in a cool and dark pantry to avoid light and uv rays.


2. Heat

Avoid placing it in the sun (see also: Light) or near heat sources, like a stove or oven.


3. Moisture

Dried plants are shelf stable but unfortunately, this also means they absorb water from the air very easily. Until they are ready to brew, keep it away from boiling water and avoiding other humid areas, like above a dishwasher vent or in a refrigerator.


4. Odor

Common odors are something that herbs can absorb very easily. By leaving the herbs in their original packaging or placing them in an air-tight container of your choosing, you will reduce the chance of changing the natural flavor of the herbs we have chosen.


5. Air

The more exposure to air increases the chances that your herbs will absorb moisture and odors. Avoid leaving your herbs out by sealing them in the original packaging or an air-tight container of your choosing.


1. Always check with your personal health care provider before consuming any herbs, as they can be very powerful. This is especially important if you are on any medication, pregnant, breast feeding or have allergies.


2. Please review each product’s cautionary advisories on their respective pages before consuming.


3. Always keep our blends away from children, unless otherwise approved by their health care provider.


4. No statement by us or any herbal company has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


5. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are simply created to enhance the body’s natural abilities to function in the most optimal ways. They are not for serious conditions or diseases and are not a cure for an ailment or an alternative to more serious treatment by a physician.


6. If you have any questions about these herbs being used for your needs, please email us or speak with your doctor.

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